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Franks Marketing Company1110 N Ocean BlvdMyrtle Beach, SC 29577
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This interactive game is a virtual scavenger hunt that will challenge you at every turn. The objective is to find survival items around the city while evading the undead. Each item you find will increase your odds of living. Your bug out team needs 3,000 points in order to win. Don’t leave anyone behind! Zombie Scavengers is appropriate for all ages.

Good To Know

  • Open seven days a week.
  • One hour long.
  • If you're playing with a larger group, you can split up into teams.
  • Each team can have up to 10 people.
  • Game is family friendly; no actual zombies involved in the scavenger hunt.
  • You will need a smartphone to play the game.


from Zombie Scavengers Game - Myrtle Beach, SC
Zombie Scavengers leads you into the city to collect supplies to survive during this interactive scavenger game.

With the whole world in chaos and zombies outnumbering the living 10 to 1, small colonies of the living are doing all they can to survive. Using your smartphone, your team will be tasked with scavenging the city for food, supplies, weapons, and shelter. The more things you find, the more points you get and more likely you are to survive. Along the way, you will be asked to do a challenge or answer a trivia question in order to be rewarded virtual weapons to ward off the zombies. The area is crawling with relentless zombies, and rival colonies are moving in. If you get too relaxed, rival colonies will take what you worked hard to find. The goal is to find all of the items in hopes that you will survive the zombie apocalypse.
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Zombie Scavengers Game - Myrtle Beach, SC is located at Franks Marketing Company1110 N Ocean BlvdMyrtle Beach, SC 29577
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